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Lmfaoooo! Learn 12 Proper Names of Some Nigerian Foods (PHOTOS)

There are some foods and snacks that are exclusive to Nigerians; they are eaten majorly by the people in Nigeria. These foods are known by their common or local names; they have been called these names from inception and it is very hard for many people to know them if they are called by other names.
Some of these foods could also be found outside Nigeria, they are most likely to be known by their proper names there. Find below some of the Nigerian foods with their proper names:

1. Kuli Kuli as peanut bars
This is a snack made from groundnuts or peanuts. Kuli kuli is widely eaten in most parts of the country. Kuli kuli is mostly taken with garri or Ogi. Sometimes, it is eaten alone and enjoyed as a snack. The foreign name of this snack is peanut bars. It is available in different shapes and sizes.

2. Kilishi as beef crackers
Kilishi is known to be indigenous to the northern part of Nigeria even though it is eaten by people from other parts of the country. It is usually made from beef which is well spiced. it is a dried form of suya. Kilishi is also known as beef crackers considering the flatness of crackers.

3. Moin-moin as bean pudding
Moin moin is a food made from beans which has been ground. It could be eaten alone or with pap. Other people enjoy eating Moin-moin with garri. The proper name of this Nigerian food is bean pudding.

4. Eko (Agidi) as corn jellos
This food is made from corn which has undergone several processes. This food is mostly eaten with vegetable. Agidi is also known as corn jellos.

5. Garri as Grain o’ fibres
Garri is taken by most people in Nigeria, it is made from cassava and is either taken plainly or sprinkled on beans. Some people also enjoy drinking garri when they eat Moin-moin or Akara. Garri could be called grain o’fibres.

6. Bread and Akara as bean cake burger
Bread and Akara is eaten in most parts of this country. It is also known as bean cake burger because of its similarity to burger. This Nigerian food is enjoyed by many people.

7. Puff puff as energy buns
This is a snack made from flour, it is enjoyed by most people in Nigeria. It is a snack that can be eaten on the go. Puff-puff is also known as energy buns.

8. Bokoto as hoof salad
Many people in Nigeria enjoy buying this part of an animal. It is basically gotten from the legs of the cow. It is served in many restaurants and bars as pepper-soup. A part of it is also used for making Nkwobi. the proper name of Bokoto is hoof salad.

9. Adalu (beans and corn) as lentils and grain salad
Adalu is a fascinating meal for most Nigerians. It is made by cooking beans with corn or maize. The resultant meal is delicious and tastes differently from the individual food item mixed. Adalu is known as lentils and grain salad.

10. Roasted corn as corn aflame
In Nigeria, when corn is being harvested, it is either roasted or boiled. Roasted corn is eaten by many Nigerians; when eaten in large quantity, it could become a satisfactory meal. It could also be eaten as a snack. Roasted corn is also known as corn aflame.

11. Boli as barbecue plantain
Boli is made by roasting plantain; ripe or unripe plantain could be used. Boli is mainly eaten with groundnut and is considered a snack in Nigeria. The proper name of this snack is barbecue plantain.

12. Zobo as juice rosa afrik
Zobo is a type of drink; it is made from the dried calyxes (sepal) of the hibiscus plant flower. Zobo leaves are also called sorrel, flor de Jamaica and rose mallow. This drink is best enjoyed when it is chilled. It is also known as juice rosa afrik.


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