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This Little Fulani Girl I Met In Ghana Melted My Heart Away - Lady Narrates Her Encounter

Today i made a new friend...she is of those Fulani’s from Mali who beg for money in front of Accra mall. she approached me n smiled n spoke pidgin: antyy make u give me money make i buy food chop'..then i smiled back n said i hv not eaten since morn myself..

she asked if its true ...i said yhh...then she handed me all the coins she had in hand...i asked if she is sure i can use the money...she said yh i i counted n it ws js 1cedi 10p...told her it wont be enough...she asked me to wait for a min...she went to check wher she keeps her money n brot about 4cedis...then she said 5cds shd be enough to buy rice...n i told her i wld need water...she then asked me to wait so she begs ppl for money for me...after abt 10mins, (was waiting for someone)..she came back with 50p from her bro n said she can direct me to a canteen...i followed her...while engaging her in convo

Ppl jst starred at us...others said i shdnt mind her...i told them she wasnt begging for money. I distracted her with ques while we waited...she is js 10yrs

Then i asked why she gave me all the money...she replied 'ibi u dey hungry anty, i go fit beg for money but u no go fit, so jst take am' this point i had tears in my eyes..n i know ppl were wonderong wht convo we were hving.. She asked tht i tk fotos of her n with her...
It was tooo sunny so they came out dark...then when my friend arrived she told her to mk sure i get food to eat...then i asked her to tk her money...she looked disappionted n asked why...i told her i js needed company while i waited..


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Night time however will see the student being suspended immediately – for an academic year.

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