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Emir of Kano Pays Visit to Baby Who was Brutalised by Step Mother (PHOTO)

Emir of Kano, Sanisi Lamido Sanusi earlier today visited Baby Musa, a victim of domestic abuse. The woman, who is on the run allegedly attacked the little boy, cut his tongue, broke his arms, damaged his right eye and then castrated him with a blade.
Subject: Europe Is Not The Only Solution.

With sad heart after I read the news of today and i decide to let people know that Europe is not the only place greener pasture can be found, I am in Europe and i know why i said this  because people risk their life through the land and sea to get here while many die alone the way. Many guys here beg  to feed, I mean as banbi ala just as we call them in Nigeria (Begger), They stay in traffic, supermarket, even streets they beg whoever is coming or going, There is no work here and  many are regreting why they came here in the first place but it's already late as they cannot go back to Nigeria empty handed because many sold one thing or other things to come here, this europe is like secret cult, you don't know what you are getting into till you get in and it's when you get inside you get to know how the game goes then it's too late to get out,(As we do say in Naija) You done already enter and you nor fit come out.) My brothers and sisters stop taking this risk, Europe don't worth it. 

Like what happen last time my younger bro girlfriend elder's brother that was doing well in Nigeria decide to take this same risk and he dead in the sea, (Now europe he nor reach he business for naija go to another person)someone like that guy that has something doing should have not take such risk but what should i say, maybe ungreatful or greed because i cannot call that greener pasture, leave that to you people reading this to answer?. Someone that has his own business and paying workers but decide to come to europe by land/sea and he dead on the sea, here begging is a lucrative business, people do fight for space to beg here in Italy. 

Again maybe the way people in Europe dress make people in Nigeria believe everyone is living fine, It's not easy asd you think as many in Nigeria are better than many of us here and that is just the simple truth. When you see their pictures on facebook and you start to think and cry, my people all those things are nothing as we pick many from the durtbin,as you people wears used cloths in Nigeria the same way we wear them here here too, just it's more cheaper here than there,All those pictures that you see were the guys look fine all is camera and all those cloths may cost nothing more than 2k Naiara because they many also pick some from the trash, there is a place they call (Arabu) there you can see good stuff, quality shoe,shirt and jeans for just 5euro which is about 2k Naira and some time if you can wait till market close you can get all this things for free, You just go into the dustbin pick anyone you like because they trough them away so it is for you to bend down and pick, come see were we dey fight for this aloko wey una go see for facebook una head go dey burst say i must come europe, the tin they pain me na make me dey share all this thing for my people with my little time because many done die for that sea .


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