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SCARY: The hidden meanings behind these 10 common ‘dreams’ You always have

Have you ever awoken in a cold sweat after dreaming of spiders? Or a fantastical dream where you had the ability to fly? Everyone has experienced their share of wonderful (and terrifying!) dreams, and everyone has wondered about the secret meanings behind them.

Check out the 10 hidden meanings behind these common dreams:

1. What you dreamed: That you cheated on your partner — or they cheated on you. What It Means: Don’t worry — this doesn’t necessarily mean your partner has been two-timing you! Something has become a “third wheel” in your relationship, and it could be your job, your children, your hobby, or something else. You may dream this when you feel “cheated” out of time with your partner.

2. What You Dreamed: That you’ve gone blind. What It Means: Have you been turning a “blind eye” to a problem in your life? It may be time to open your eyes and address the issue.

3. What You Dreamed: That you were in a classroom.

What It Means: Unsurprisingly, dreaming of being in a classroom may mean it’s time for you to learn a lesson about a certain issue or concern. If you’re late for class, that could mean that you’re afraid to miss out on an important opportunity.

4. What You Dreamed: That you were at the doctor’s office. What It Means: No one likes going to the doctor —awake or asleep. However, this dream has powerful symbolism. It could mean it’s time for you to embrace spiritual, physical, or mental healing in some aspect of your life.

5. What You Dreamed: That you were flying. What It Means: Many people have experienced this extraordinary dream, but what does it actually mean? Flying is a good thing: It means you’ve soared above the pack. Maybe you just got a promotion or you’re in a really wonderful relationship — all of those things could make you feel like flying!

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6. What You Dreamed: That you encountered a spider. What It Means: Many of us have woken up with a creepy, crawly feeling after dreaming about this dreaded arachnid. Spiders weave a “web” of lies, and it could mean that someone has been dishonest towards you.

7. What You Dreamed: That you’re pregnant. What It Means: Don’t go rushing to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test! This could mean that you’re about to give ‘birth’ to something new and wonderful in your life — something that will needs lots of love, devotion and dedication to reach its full potential.

8. What You Dreamed: That you’re naked in public. What It Means: Being naked in front of a group of people means that you are unprepared for something: an important presentation, a difficult test, or major job interview. Take this dream as your cue to step up and get prepared. You don’t want to be embarrassed in real life, too!

9. What You Dreamed: That you’re trying to kill someone. What It Means: No, you probably don’t harbor secret, unconscious homicidal thoughts. This dream simply means that you need to put an end to something toxic in your life.

10. What You Dreamed: That you’re getting married. What It Means: Marriage represents the ultimate union. Dreaming of a wedding could mean that you need to make an important commitment in your life — although it doesn’t necessarily need to be to another person.

-Christina Arreola


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